About us

     Defense Spirit was founded on the belief that our greatest possessions are the lives of our children and that of ourselves.  As parents, we would give anything to protect and shield our babies from the ever-growing dangers of the world.  We put our children in school with the hope that they grow in knowledge so they would have a bright future.  We gladly send our young ones to learn, away from our watchful eyes, believing that they are in the safest of places and knowing our children will return home never imagining the unthinkable could ever happen to them.

     According to K-12 School Shooting Database, between August 1st and December 1st 2021 at least 136 guns were fired or brandished on school property.  Since the shooting at Columbine in 1999, the numbers of shootings have gradually increased about 18% a year with a large decline in 2020 due to school closure because of Covid.  This years numbers are unprecedented and data shows these numbers are ever increasing beyond an alarming rate.  Recently TikTok had a threat announced declaring December 17th " American School Shooting Day" causing schools across the nation to cancel classes or increase their security.  

     Currently, America has been experiencing an increase of school, workplace, random mass shootings and other criminal activity at a rate never before seen.  Most people already carry some form of self defense, but most are offense only and none has the potential to keep an object from penetrating the body.  Our shields are also stab proof, American made, Lab tested and certified, highest level 3A lightweight protection available to the public.

     We at Defense Spirit are not intending to spread fear, but to inform of an existing problem and give peace of mind that you can ready yourselves, take cover and be safe.  Children are unable to carry most devices of self defense, therefore Defense Spirit focuses on non-lethal self defense that is age appropriate for all Americans. 

     Defense Spirit is an advocate to end gun violence and involved in raising money for children's charities and donate from all sales when you make a purchase from our store.